Carboxytherapy refers to the use of medical carbon dioxide administered through subcutaneous and intradermal microinjections. Its therapeutic indication is:


On the microcirculation, where it mechanically reopens closed capillaries, reactivates malfunctioning ones and increases the percentage of oxygen in the tissues, improving the state of pathologies such as swollen legs to ulcers of various kinds.
On adipose tissue, where by breaking down fat cell membranes (lipoclasic effect) it reduces fat accumulations.
On the skin where, in addition to increasing the percentage of oxygen in the tissues by improving skin elasticity, it induces a rejuvenation of the dermis.


Anaesthesia: no anaesthesia is required.


Treatment duration: about 20 minutes.


Frequency of sessions: generally 1 session per week for 8-10 sessions is recommended.


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