What is Chromopuncture?


It is an extended form of acupuncture that uses beams of coloured light instead of needles.


Born from an important intuition of the German scholar and researcher Peter Mandel, it proposes, through the action of light and in particular with the entire light spectrum of colours, to convey not so much energy as information through the acupuncture meridians and other points identified by Mandel himself.


Chromopuncture makes it possible to reintroduce the most appropriate and correct information energy into the body-mind unit, where erroneous or distorted information resides, which over time can externalise through what we commonly refer to as pain symptom disorder.


By applying such a series of chromatic impulses, bio-information can be transmitted that is capable of triggering ordinal processes of coordination on an organic and psychic level.


As is well known from theoretical physics, the colours of the spectrum are those electromagnetic waves with a wavelength between 380 and 750 nano metres and a frequency between 400 and 790 hertz. It is these physical characteristics that enable our retina to distinguish, in the visible spectrum, each colour within light. P. Mandel’s extraordinary insight was to realise that each organ in our body vibrates at a specific frequency and can therefore be referred to and treated with a colour, e.g. yellow vibrates at a similar frequency as the liver organ.

Chromopuncture is based on the studies of quantum physics and the studies of biophysicist Fritz A. Popp.


Today’s physics teaches that the living being is not just matter but consists of an inseparable triad, information-energy-matter.


Beyond the material world, the visible one, there exists a sub-atomic level that we cannot grasp with our senses alone. This dimension (Akasha, Ether, Collective Unconscious) is a non-local dimension where space and time are transcended and within which all vital information is contained. So the physical distance between us is actually filled with waveforms, which carry the Information that gives rise to the matter we see.


I, like every living being, am a source of certain frequencies with particular wavelengths (principle of magnetic resonance).


In order to understand its meaning, the studies of physicist David Bohm are particularly helpful; he speaks of Implicit Order, an underlying reality, a world of pure information from which Information springs forth and which, conveyed by Energy, gives rise to the Matter present in what he calls the Explicit Order.


The Ancient Triad, for which man is an inseparable unity of BODY SOUL SPIRIT, can also be expressed in MATTER ENERGY INFORMATION.


Einstein had already laid the foundation with his equation (theory of relativity)


The identity E=mc^2, again confirms that the energy of any body is equal to the mass [kg] multiplied by the speed of light squared [300,000km/s]^2, an inseparable link between physical quantities such as mass and speed and energy quantities.


Simply put, Energy equals Matter, these are two sides of the same coin. Each organ contains both a material and energetic component, e.g. the liver is composed of hepatocytes, kuffer cells … also a part of Soul (or energy).


A diseased liver is informing me that I am not processing anger properly.


So a spiritual weakness, if not understood, can give rise to an organic bodily symptom. This information is conveyed by energy, i.e. specific electromagnetic waves, and gives rise to the matter ‘sick liver’.


Fritz Albert Popp of the International Institute for Biophysics in Kaiserlautern has succeeded in demonstrating that the cells of any living being emit very weak radiation of light called biophotons. The radiation of these living cells represents a regulating energy field that encompasses the organism in its entirety and exerts a fundamental influence on all biochemical processes. Our cells contain and emit light.


Every living organism therefore radiates a weak but permanent stream of light, whose intensity corresponds to the light of a candle observed at a distance of 25 km, i.e. it emits biophotons, particles of light that carry information.


It is on this important scientific discovery that Peter Mandel bases much of what today appears to be the knowledge base of chromopuncture. Chromopuncture allows the reactivation of interrupted bio-photon communication lines, if light is the language of cells, a method can be found to correct any language disorder.

Disease (energetic imbalance) is an interruption in the communication lines of photons within the organism. P.Mandel is convinced that the symptom is nothing more than the final link in a very long chain, it is configured within an unresolved emotional conflict.


Therefore the disease would represent the stimulus to change, the disease comes to tell us that we are not in our correct life programme. Physical symptoms, according to the holistic conception, are nothing more than the demand of our being for a change at the level of consciousness.


To give an example, a liver pathology (body-matter problem) is telling us among other things that we are not, for example, processing anger correctly (psycho-spiritual problem). If we are able to understand the true meaning of this pathology, we should start on a personal path of reworking the anger, at the end of which, if we have properly understood and processed it, we will break the assumption of the liver pathology itself. It is, however, extremely difficult to undertake a personal journey of anger reworking; simply understanding or realising the spiritual background of the organic disease is most often not enough to trigger the healing processes.


This is where chromopuncture comes in: through its application, an impulse of light is induced that supports the person in resolving the conflict at the root of his or her illness. P. Mandel calls it ‘non-verbal psychotherapy’. So, in the example above, the liver that received pathological information, resulting in illness, now receives harmonic information of health through the use of colour. But a healthy liver again automatically leads to the resolution of the metaphysical problem of the reworking of anger: a reworking that does not pass through the consciousness, the cerebral cortex and rational awareness, but occurs at a deep, unconscious level, there where the spiritual weakness resides, there where the deep conflict was nested.

A chromopuncture treatment is in no way invasive and should not be confused with acupuncture, as no needles are used. A specially designed instrument patented by Mandel is used, a special pen with interchangeable quartz crystal pyramid points that can emit the different colours of the spectrum. The pen is placed on the skin, near acupuncture points and other areas identified by Mandel himself. The coloured light is captured by the skin and transmitted along the meridians to the depths, stimulating intra-cellular communication and consequently supporting healing.

A correct and preventive energetic reading of the body allows a proper energetic rebalancing of the body.


In order to understand the different points of the body that need to be treated with colour, it is essential to understand at which level the biophotonic communication lines may be interrupted.


The device that allows us such an analysis is the D.E.P.T (energetic end-point diagnosis). D.E.P.T. is based on the important discovery of Mr and Mrs Kirlian, two Russian researchers who managed to photographically capture the weak light radiation that every living organism emits when immersed in a specific frequency field. By observing a Kirlian photo of the fingertips of a subject’s hands and feet, the terminal points of the main energy meridians, it is possible through particular topographical and phenomenological criteria, identified by Mandel, to ascertain the presence of a possible disorder.


Mandel observed that a subject’s illnesses may already be present on an energetic level long before the person is confronted with them and may also become known through photographic phenomena.


The D.E.P.T. also allows different levels of observation:


1) the reading of alterations in the quantum, energetic field even before they manifest themselves on a material, organic level and thus the possibility of preventive treatment;

2) in cases where, on the other hand, the pathology has already arisen, it allows the understanding of the possible weak link in the chain, the determination of that phenomenon that triggered a mechanism of events and then led to the disease itself;

3) the evaluation, the discovery of the past moment when the ‘germ’ of the disease may have been planted as prenatal trauma or in childhood/puberty.

In theory, chromopuncture covers the entire medical clinic. It does not act on the specific symptom, it intervenes on general in-formative changes in the organism. From a strictly phenomenological and statistical point of view, there are certainly areas that respond very well to treatment with colour. Studies on this particular treatment are still in progress and more and more particular solutions are opening up. From our personal clinical experience, chromopuncture has excellent curative results, for example, in the following areas


  • pain syndromes
  • arthrosis
  • arthritis
  • cervicalgia
  • lumbago
  • headaches
  • fibromyalgia.female neuroendocrine sphere
  • from disorders of the menstrual sphere to those of the menopause
  • from fertility problems to dysfunctions of the sexual sphere.
  • anxious depressive pathologies and in general all states of psychophysical exhaustion.

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