It is a method for effectively reducing localised adiposity. It allows small and medium-sized fat deposits to be eliminated when implemented in synergy with a suitable diet, physical activity and hormonal rebalancing. It consists of administering lipolytic substances and activators of fatty acid metabolism into the adipose tissue. All areas of the body can be treated,


For an optimal result, it is essential that a drainage therapy is set up both through activation of the physiological excretors with appropriate homotoxicological drugs and through appropriate massage therapy manoeuvres of lymph drainage.


Therapeutic effects


  • Reduction of the adipose “pad
  • Improvement of the “orange peel” effect
  • Reshaping of the treated area


Indications in aesthetic medicine


  • Cellulite
  • Localised adiposity
  • Adjuvant in obesity therapies


Anaesthesia: a local anaesthetic is used, which is injected together with the lipolytic drug.


Treatment duration: approximately 20 minutes.


Frequency of sessions: 8-10 sessions per week are recommended.

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