Stretch Marks and Scars

Biodermogenesis is the only method that has proven to be able to regenerate all types of stretch marks thanks to dozens of biopsies demonstrating the perfect reorganisation of the basement membrane and the production of new melanocytes (thanks to which the stria gets a tan), the reduction in the thickness of the stratum corneum (thanks to which the skin reactivates normal transpiration) and the synthesis of new, non-fibrotic collagen, which is therefore able to give thickness and elasticity to the stretch mark skin.


Thanks to these exceptional results, the stretch mark fills by an average of 83.55%, softens to the touch and regains its normal colour.


The treatment is carried out with a few handpieces that are run over the areas to be treated while delivering gentle electric impulses. These stimulate the fibroblasts (the cells of the dermis), prompting them to synthesise new elastic fibres and collagen. Next, the instrument emits magnetic fields capable of activating cell exchange and improving vascular and circulatory activity in the treated area. In a second moment, the same magnetic fields are able to exert a sort of draining action, stimulating the reabsorption of the waste produced by the revascularisation of the treated tissues.


Thanks to this synergy between electric impulses and magnetic fields, and thanks to the particular mechanisms of action with which these act on the skin tissue, biodermogenesis is able to induce real skin regeneration.


From the various studies conducted to date, biodermogenesis has proved effective in the treatment of:


  • Stretch marks (both red and white streaks)
  • Post-surgical scars and burn scars


The protocol is determined together with the doctor based on a thorough analysis of the problem.


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