Biorestructuring with Insulin

Until now, most treatments were aimed at filling in the wrinkle without worrying about what is underneath. But ageing is not caused by the wrinkle, but by the sagging of the underlying tissues, fat and muscle: the fat slips and moves downwards and the muscle atrophies, so the face hollows out, ‘folds’ form and contours are lost. To rejuvenate, therefore, one has to work on the underlying tissues.


A technique that gives excellent results in the medium and long term is biorestructuring with very low-dose insulin.


What is it?


Insulin is an anabolic agent that targets fat and muscle tissue. By injecting it into the tissues with a mix of regenerating active ingredients, it acts as a carrier and transports nutrients to where they are needed for regeneration and support, i.e. in the fat and muscles.


How is the treatment performed?


The treatment is carried out with a very fine needle and the injections are not made superficially, but deeply.


Biorestructuring with low-dose insulin can be done in combination with other fillers, such as hyaluronic acid, which gives an immediate lifting effect, while the results with biorestructuring are progressive over time.


Which areas can be treated?


Face, neck, décolleté, eye contour, inner arms, hands respond very well to this treatment.




Already after the first sessions a gradual improvement of the skin can be observed, which appears softer and more compact, with a progressive increase in turgidity, elasticity and radiance.


The number of sessions is variable and depends on the degree of skin ageing.


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