Biostimulation / Biorevititalisation

Biorevititalisation is the most active of the treatments for skin rejuvenation and deep hydration.


It is useful for counteracting the effects of excessive sun exposure and natural skin ageing.


It also serves to improve the elasticity of the skin, giving it moisture and softness. It provides deep hydration of the dermis, moisturising the skin from within to improve its tone and appearance. It smoothes out fine wrinkles caused by the sun and makes the skin softer and healthier-looking. It is particularly suitable for difficult-to-treat areas such as the back of the hands or décolleté, as well as the face.




  • Photo-ageing
  • Loss of skin elasticity and turgidity
  • Skin opacity


The benefits of a biorevititalisation treatment generally last for several months and can be maintained over time by repeating the procedure once or twice a year. There are, however, no restrictions on the number of treatments that can be carried out.


Biostimulation and biorevititalisation are therefore proposed as a technique for preventing skin ageing and are often used in synergy with other corrective treatments, such as chemical and physical peelings and fillers.



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