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To restore radiance and firmness to skin that is no longer young, carboxytherapy gives excellent results in anti-ageing therapy.


What is it?


Carboxytherapy is a medical carbon dioxide (CO2) therapy, best known for body treatments. It is also used in the face as an anti-ageing therapy as it improves radiance and firmness by improving circulation.




Stimulates fibroblasts, the cells that give support and firmness to the skin, and collagen, the substance that gives radiance and tone to the skin. It also creates a slight tension in the subcutaneous tissue and draws oxygen into the area. As a result, the skin is nourished and oxygenated in depth, appearing tighter, more colourful, healthier. This is why we speak of skin revitalisation. Improved oxygenation also promotes the elimination of toxins, which can grease the skin and age it.


In which areas can it be performed?


Generally, the areas most prone to sagging and ageing skin are treated: cheeks, temple area, neck and sometimes forehead. However, carboxytherapy can be performed on the entire face. One region where the treatment can be particularly effective is the periocular area where it visibly reduces oedematous bags on the lower eyelid. In addition, increased drainage after carboxytherapy can also have a positive effect on dark circles under the eyes.


How is the treatment performed?


Carboxytherapy is performed by injections of carbon dioxide (produced and released by special machines, approved by the Ministry of Health). This gas is insufflated through very thin needles, connected to the machine that emits the gas, under the skin, at the level of the dermis, the second layer of the skin.




The first effects begin to appear at the end of the session with an immediately younger and smoother face, and are perfected in the days following the treatment.


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