PRX – T33 is a new exfoliation based on TCA (trichloroacetic acid), a substance well known in aesthetic medicine for its restructuring properties, but not very suitable for those who want immediate recovery because it causes strong exfoliation.


In PRX – T33 trichloroacetic acid is used at 33% in combination with 5% kojic acid and hydrogen peroxide, which rapidly penetrates the cell membranes of keratinocytes and immediately neutralises the exfoliating effect of TCA.


This provides a valid alternative to injection biorevititalisation that fully exploits the restructuring action of trichloroacetic acid to trigger a genuine regenerative process in the fibroblasts and collagen.


The session is simple, not at all traumatic but rather pleasant for the patient.


The application technique is appreciated by patients because it replaces the ‘punctures’ with a deep massage that the operator exerts according to the elastic tension lines of the tissues.


The areas where PRX – T33 is most indicated, in addition to the face, are the neck, where unsightly circular wrinkles are often present, and the décolleté, which shows the most signs of skin ageing. It is also effective on the relaxed skin of the breasts and is an excellent treatment for acne in active phase, leading to a marked improvement from the very first session.


The results of PRX – T33 are visible from the very first session, but if you want to obtain a more stable result over time, you will need to repeat the sessions weekly for at least 4-6 times.

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