traction threads

Traction threads: and the face is lifted


Now that the trend is increasingly to avoid very invasive operations if possible, the problem of sagging facial skin has to be tackled with tools other than cosmetic surgery.


Clearly, the surgical approach offers excellent results in terms of tightness and stability, but very satisfactory results can also be achieved with less invasive techniques. If Botox and hyaluronic acid allow the recovery of the original volumes of the face, today effective results to combat sagging skin, especially in the lower part of the face, are obtained with traction threads.


What are they?


Traction threads are made of material that can be reabsorbed by the body. They can have different characteristics, but overall they are applied under the skin between two points on the face and ‘pull’ the tissue upwards.


How are they placed?


The doctor positions the threads with the help of a very thin needle-guide and ‘anchors’ them to the part of the face to be treated.


After placement, the effect is already visible, but it should not be forgotten that the threads induce tissue stimulation, and thus act both at a ‘mechanical’ level, pulling the area of the face where they are applied, and at a biochemical level, on turnover, cell renewal and the formation of new collagen.


The fact that the threads are reabsorbable means that the procedure is not definitive, but at the same time it is an extra safety element, precisely because they are reversible.


How long does the effect last?


Traction threads are reabsorbed in about a year. This means that their traction action tends to diminish over time, and therefore the average protocol involves re-implantation every eight to twelve months, it being understood, of course, that there can be very different re-absorption times from person to person.


Is there a recovery time?


The application of the traction wires is rather quick, can take place in the outpatient clinic, and afterwards the patient can immediately return to her activities without any problems. The only precaution for the first few days is not to make too abrupt movements, to sleep on your back (i.e. on your stomach) between two pillows, and to avoid massage in the affected area.


Are there any contraindications or side effects?


There are no contraindications to the application of traction wires.


The side effects are also minimal in extent and duration: small bruises and slight swelling may occur immediately after treatment. In the beginning, small folds may be visible on the skin at the point of greatest traction of the wires, which disappear within a few days and can be hidden by the hair.


Is anaesthesia necessary?


The application of the threads is not painful. Anaesthesia is only performed at the points where the thread enters and leaves the tissue through a very thin needle-guide.


What is the result?


The result is immediately visible and tends to improve with time: a face that regains its original smoothness and ‘geometry’, with no more sagging.



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