The Otolaryngologist deals with benign and malignant diseases, in both adults and children, of several districts:


  • The oral cavity, pharynx and larynx;
  • The naso-sinus district;
  • The outer, middle and inner ear;
  • The salivary glands;
  • The thyroid gland.


The ENT examination includes assessment of the ear using otoscopy, evaluation of the oral cavity and nasal cavities using frontal light and simple instrumentation.


Modern technological development includes the use of fibre optics in ENT diagnostics.



The fibroscope is a thin probe traversed by optical fibres that, when introduced into the nasal cavity, allows the study of the nasal passages, the nasopharyngeal cavity, and posteriorly the pharynx and larynx.


The examination is not painful and does not require local anaesthesia. The overall duration of the examination is only a few minutes.


It can be performed in both adults and children.


In children it allows the evaluation of possible nasopharyngeal involvement by the adenoids.


In adults, it allows the evaluation of the nasal cavities (for deviation of the nasal septum, sinusopathies, polyposis); of the nasopharynx (for possible neoformations or evaluation of the Eustachian tubes); of the hypopharyngeal district (for nocturnal snoring, gastric reflux, vocal cord pathologies and the larynx in general)

Tonal audiometric examination


The tonal audiometric examination makes it possible to assess any hearing loss in a qualitative (perceptual or transmissive hearing loss) and quantitative sense (what frequency and intensity are affected).


It is a simple, non-invasive and short-term examination that is performed in a silent environment on an outpatient basis. The patient is asked to report every time he or she perceives a sound emitted by an earphone, at different intensities for all frequencies of the tonal field.



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