Carboxytherapy for cellulite: what is it?

It is often complicated to eliminate cellulite with the help of diet and exercise alone, leading to the need to rely on other methods. One of them is carboxytherapy for cellulite, a technique that involves injecting carbon dioxide in a gaseous state under the skin, improving its aesthetic appearance.

Although the results are similar, the treatment differs from others such as biostimulation or radiofrequency, topics we have covered in other articles in our blog.

Read more in this article about how carboxytherapy works, what principles characterise this treatment and what benefits it brings.



Carboxytherapy for cellulite: how it works

As mentioned in the lines above, carboxytherapy treatment for cellulite involves injecting CO2 under the skin. This is done with the use of a fine needle. Thanks to this substance, blood and lymphatic circulation is stimulated in the treated area, which increases tissue oxygenation and fluid drainage. Thanks to drainage, the area is also cleansed of toxins.

A second effect resulting from the injection of the substance is the breakdown of subcutaneous deposits of adipose tissue. The latter is the cause of the appearance of cellulite. By eliminating it, the annoying ‘orange peel’ appearance of the skin is gradually removed.

As a final feature of the treatment, there is a stimulation of collagen production. This element gives the skin a firmed and elastic, youthful appearance.



A carboxytherapy session for cellulite is characterised by being quick. In fact, it lasts between 15 and 30 minutes, and the process is non-invasive and generally painless.

The treatment is generally considered painless, as the discomfort caused by the needle injection varies from patient to patient, depending on their subjective pain threshold. In addition, a slight pressure may be felt during the injection, and in some cases even heat. These effects are completely normal.



The results of carboxytherapy for cellulite

To achieve lasting results, about 10 sessions of carboxytherapy for cellulite are generally carried out. This number varies according to need.

The effects, however, can be noticed from the very first sessions, and once the cycle of sessions is over, it is a good idea to follow certain habits in order to maintain the results obtained. Just follow a healthy, balanced diet, combined with regular exercise. By doing so, the results obtained from the treatment will have a long life.



Carboxytherapy for cellulite makes it possible, thanks to various elements, to give elasticity and tone to the skin in the treated area.

The technique is also used to treat various conditions such as stretch marks, dark circles, skin ageing and localised fat.

The treatment is safe and effective. Of course, in some cases it may be inadvisable to carry out the treatment, which is why it is always necessary to inform yourself and make an appointment with a professional aesthetic doctor.

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