Toned muscles with Medisculpt treatment

At ISER, Institute of Aesthetic and Regenerative Sciences, we are always keen to keep abreast of all the latest developments in the field of aesthetic medicine. These include Medisculpt, an innovative treatment for toning muscles.

What the Medisculpt treatment consists of

It is a machine equipped with four handpieces that uses electromagnetic waves to tone the muscle and reduce fat in the area being treated. The electromagnetic waves act in a special way, so much so that the result obtained cannot be replicated by any sports training.

Along with muscle toning and fat reduction, this treatment leads to an improvement in the lymphatic circulation and local microcirculation. There are therefore additional benefits in the treated area. These can be:

  • Abdominals, buttocks and quadriceps of the legs, treated with the large handpiece
  • Biceps, triceps, deltoids, lumbar area, adductors of the inner thigh and calves, treated with the small handpiece.

The machine has two different radiofrequency modes. The two different handpiece sizes allow two muscle groups to be treated during a single session. These features make it possible to create a treatment that is as customised as possible to the needs of each patient.



The treatment lasts 20-30 minutes. The handpieces are placed on the areas and do not cause any pain. Thanks to this and its mode of use, the Medisculpt treatment requires neither anaesthesia nor recovery time afterwards, allowing those who have had the treatment to resume their activities immediately.

Results can be seen immediately, but 4 to 6 sessions are recommended. Unlike other treatments, the results of the Medisculpt treatment are permanent. For an even better effect, maintenance sessions are recommended.

Do you desire a toned body without difficulty?

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