Facial biostimulation effects and benefits

The effects of facial biostimulation are varied and bring numerous benefits to the skin, giving it a rejuvenated appearance, from improved texture to increased elasticity.

It is a technique that stimulates and increases the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, elements that can be useful in the run-up to summer. Indeed, the skin in summer is more exposed to sun, wind and saltiness, which contribute to skin deterioration. This results in the appearance of more pronounced wrinkles and dryness.




How does it work?


Before listing the effects of facial biostimulation, let us quickly see what it is.

Facial biostimulation is a technique involving the injection of substances naturally present in the body in order to moisturise and elasticise the skin.

The substances used can be vitamins, minerals and amino acids, but the main one is hyaluronic acid. Capable of retaining water and stimulating collagen production, it is perfect for combating the signs of ageing on the skin.

A professional aesthetic doctor will then inject the best substance with a needle according to the objective. The results will be visible from the very first weeks, and will last up to a maximum of 6 months.



Facial biostimulation: the effects


The beneficial effects of facial biostimulation are the stimulation of the production of substances already present in our body such as collagen and elastin. These essentially increase the process of cell regeneration, thus keeping the skin elastic and youthful.

All these elements contribute to the aesthetic improvement of skin texture and tone, as well as to the reduction of fine lines, dark spots and acne scars.

Being a non-invasive aesthetic treatment, facial biostimulation does not require a significant recovery period, and patients can resume their daily activities immediately after treatment.






When to look for the effects of facial biostimulation?


Facial biostimulation gives very visible effects during the summer period, when the skin is particularly exposed to elements that can considerably weaken it.

A biostimulation treatment carried out before summer can help make the skin more resistant and prepared for such factors by protecting it from premature ageing, damage caused by exposure and dehydration.

Before proceeding with the treatment, a visit with an experienced aesthetic doctor is strongly recommended, to whom you should communicate your needs and any allergies.


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